Restoration Works™

Are you interested in social justice and environmental stewardship? Use the arts to become a community/cultural activist through on-going projects as part of a classroom elective, and after-school program or a weekend work project in your community.

Earn-service learning hours as you discover how global and local issues impact your life in our R U An Endangered Species?™ workshops and then plan your Arts Actions to empower yourself and others. Create healthy urban forests in your community by removing invasive plants and planting native species during hands-on work parties once a month at Genesee Park and in the East Duwamish Greenbelt.

Blue Corps

Blue Corps is about protecting the water in your body and the water that surrounds us!

If you are interested in the arts, social and environmental justices learn to write and perform your poems and stories. Create portable murals using the visual arts, watch films and go on field trips to the beaches around Puget Sound!

Earn service-learning hours by performing and/or displaying your art that teaches others what you know! If you’re curious, check out the R U An Endangered Species? Human Estuaries™ Campaign and GET INVOLVED!!

Forms and Waivers
Before participating in a workshop the following forms and waivers MUST BE completed and RETURNED to UWP.

All Programs Waiver
General Waiver and Accident Liability Form
Sign-Up Form

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