Volunteer opportunities and internships are available now in all our programs. Please call for information 206-579-5848.


·   Create E-News using Constant Contact or other format

·   Update E-News as needed

·   Create membership questionnaire(s)

·   Send member Evites to member events

·   Assist with members quarterly meetings


·   Comfortable with internet

·   Detail oriented

·   good typist

·   Visual person

R U An Endangered Species?™ CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT

Flexible hours

·   Conduct Surveys

·   Organize materials for workshops

·   Research and collect new information

·   Compile information for easy access

·   Investigate topics connected to health, the natural world,

    race, gender, sexual identity, domestic violence, prisons,

    environmental impacts, toxins, civil rights, immigration, population,

    land management and endangered species.

·   Brainstorm and investigate fun ways to present


·   Concerned and passionate about global and local issues

·   Alert about connecting issues

·   Interested in community outreach and organizing

·   Background or interest in social justice

    • Service Learning Volunteers are invited to stay involved with the program and, if interested, work with UWP staff to develop an Internship that suits the SLV’s educational and professional goals.
    • Flexible hours

Development Assistant (1)

·   Identify suitable grants for 4 program areas and special programs

·   Create, update and maintain grant calendar

·   Create grant binder

·   Organize binder

·   Generate Letters of Inquiry

·   Support budget development for grants

·   Assist with item procurement for fundraiser (Village Fare)

Communications Assistant (1 of 2)

·   Identify Free Community Listings

·   Create a perpetual calendar for listing deadlines

·   Write press releases ( Media alerts, develop press packets)

·   Email or Snail Mail/ Deliver Press releases before deadlines

Communications Assistant (2 of 2)

·   Create E-News using Constant Contact or other format

·   Update E-News

·   Update calendar/brochure annually

·   Coordinate distribution of calendar/brochure

·   Create and maintain list-serve

Program Outreach Assistant (1)

·   Assist in implementing programs

·   Brainstorm program development ideas with Director

·   Assist with outreach and promotions including flyers, handbills, posters

·   Generate Evites

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